What does God expect from me?

Perhaps at some point in your life, you’ve thought: “I can’t live up to God‘s expectations”. I know I have been terrified by the thought that I’m letting God down. I make so many mistakes, even when I don’t want to. I’m completely flawed and imperfect. So, I do wonder sometimes: what does God expect from me? Because if He does have any expectation, I’m sure I’ve let Him down.

But then I remember that faith is not a matter of “I can” it is all about “I want and choose”. Having a God-centered life is a choice and once you decide to follow Him He will guide you through every step. We are flawed because we are human, and we will be forever imperfect. God knows this, He created us, He knows we’ll make mistakes, and He loves us anyways.

Here’s what I think:

You can’t live up to God’s expectations, mainly because He is perfect and you aren’t, and most importantly, He isn’t really expecting anything from you bigger than what you already know, His expectations are quite simple. It’s not like you can make Him love you harder or even make Him stop loving you. God loves you, period. He knows you better thank you know yourself. He already knows everything, your past, your present, your future, your heart, soul, mind, intentions, thoughts.

All God truly wants is to have a relationship with you, that’s the only thing that He really desires. That’s why He gave us free will, not because He’s expecting us to choose Him over the world, but because He desires that you’ll choose Him so He can love you (with all that it means). You see? God has already chosen you, accepted you, forgiven you and nothing that you’ll do can change that. Yes, you should want to please God and seek Him in all that you do, but He understands if you fail at some point.

Wanting to fulfill God’s expectations can turn out to be a difficult (if not impossible) job. Eventually, you’ll just get tired of trying because you’ll be striving for an unreachable perfection. But fear not. God doesn’t demand perfection.

He knows that humans can’t live up to heavenly or highly standards, and that’s precisely why He came to earth and died for you. You are His, He loves you despite your sins, mistakes, and flaws, all He really wants from you is a relationship and your trust. If you focus on pleasing God perfectly, then you’ll feel constantly insufficient and guilty, and you’ll miss out on what is the most important and valuable experience in life: getting to know God and build an intimate relationship with Him.

God isn’t expecting perfection from you. Sure, He commanded us to follow His Word, and we should try to do so, but He knows that we may fail, that’s why He came to our rescue. You can’t obey the law on your own efforts, but you can ask God for help and allow the Holy Spirit to work within you (and that can only happen through faith and a relationship),

It’s a mistake to rely on yourself and your own wisdom, strength or understanding. God doesn’t want to be distant from you, He wants to be near, that’s what He really desires and that’s one of the reasons Jesus came to this earth, to help us connect with Him. Trust that you can rely and depend on Him.

Remember that God can change you if you allow Him to. Do things that please Him, try to obey His Word and live a Christ-centered life, but don’t be too hard on yourself in the process. Don’t feel like a total failure if you make a mistake. Don’t run away from God because you feel undeserving or unworthy. That’s the enemy talking while God is saying: “it’s okay, I understand, I’m here for you, I love you and I’ll help you through.” God is patient, God is kind, God is good.

Seek God through His Word and prayer and you will find the answers you are looking for, the strength you are lacking and the peace we all hope for. Above all, you will be immersed with true love, power, and mercy.

“Direct my footsteps according to Your Word”
(Psalm 119:133)

God is with us always, rely on Him for protection, guidance, teaching. Don’t question your faith and most importantly don’t let feelings of guilt, shame, fear, regret to lead your life. Don’t allow anything to steal your peace and joy; ask God for help, bring every situation before Him and trust that He will restore your hope even when it seems impossible.

Think about the most important commandment of all: Love the Lord your God with all your heart (Mark 12:30-32). So there it is, His expectation is quite simple, He just wants us to love Him because when we do, everything else will start falling into place and His law will be easier to follow, blessings easier to receive and life happier to live.

If love for God is your motivation, then rest knowing that you are making God happy regardless of how many mistakes you make along the way.

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Belonging: A powerful testimony worth reading.

For guest-blogging purposes, I decided to invite my sister Isabel to write a blog post on any godly-topic she desired. The post she wrote turned out to be amazingly inspirational and powerful, I encourage you to read it and share it with friends and family. Her message is honest, heartwarming and uplifting. I related to her experience on so many levels, it made me realize that we all go through similar situations, thoughts, and feelings, so I truly believe that her testimony is a blessing and that God touched her heart inspiring her to inspire others.

belonging powerful testimony
Throwback: Me and my sister.

“My name is Isabel, I am 28 years old, and have believed in God for a long time, but to be honest, I have only started my personal relationship with God over the last few years, with on and off seasons of spiritual hunger.

belonging powerful testimony
Isabel, 28 years old.

I have a hard time giving up control, I want the wonders of the world and the wonders of a spiritual and Christian life. Oh, I know, that’s naïve, but I can bet it’s pretty relatable. I have been pretty rebellious, and have strayed from God, more than I would like to admit. For many years I just wanted to be a part of this world, and just be a part of it, like the cool kids.

You see, I always wanted to belong; I tried many different groups, types of people, music, styles and habits. And yet I felt unnatural in all. I tried hard and thoroughly to be a part of a certain group, to be accepted and welcomed, and no matter what I did I found the very opposite.

For a while, I could blend in, but eventually, things started to happen that I did not agree with, or that I knew would be hurtful for my spirit, even though I was distant from God, He always kept His promise and guided me closely, even sometimes it angered me.

My faith, I must confess has been fluctuant and easily impressed. I have had binge moments of God, where all I wanted to do was read about His Word, listen to worship music and attend every event in at Church to actually not even wanting to think about Him and refuse His presence and even name.

Right now, I am seeking God, because once again I weigh on the outcomes of my decisions, and once again I am found with poor and lacking results. I have plenty of moments where I am stubborn enough to believe I can actually choose better….

I have made peace with these moments of weakness, or rebellion and have come to understand that my proximity with God is entirely up to me, regardless of how much I want to blame or pin on Him.

Anyways on March 20th, 2017 I started reading a book called “The Purpose Driven Life” by Pastor Rick Warren. You see, I desperately need a purpose bigger than myself, I’ve never felt so adrift in my life, no job, no school, no boyfriend, no money, nothing to actually get me out of bed, and an increasing fear of not knowing where to go or which path to take.

I felt compelled to read this book because I want a purpose with God; my decisions have let me to unwanted situations. So I began reading the book that is day by day transforming my vision of my life, my steps, and direction. The book consists of 40 lessons, you should read one per day and reflect upon them. And so I did, I began reading one chapter each day and began playing worship songs and trying to desperately run back to God.

I began going to church with a joyful heart, rather than seeing my assistance as an obligation, and things started clearing up. But here is when it gets tricky, each time I am searching for God and his wisdom, my flesh scurries away and begins to take control. Temptation slides through the creeks and I start returning to my old habits, and old ways. I put the “pro” in procrastination, and although I was diligently reading the book, I just started spacing out the chapters, and then had trouble even reading it completely. Several days would happen in between, even weeks and something that was meant to end in about 3 days was not even close to being over and done with.

Guilt began to take control of me, and the more guilt I would feel the less I wanted to read the book, the Bible or talk to God. It even came to a day that I was reading a chapter and just stopped and closed mid-lesson, because I felt like a hypocrite. Still, God remained in my thoughts, I was moving away, but this time I felt He was not letting go so easily. At Church, they announced that baptism would take place on resurrection Sunday. My younger sister and I immediately looked at each other and vowed in silence to get baptized. And then the huge day came April 16th, 2017, baptism day.

I could not have felt more resistant to God that day; I was nervous and afraid of the commitment I was about to take. No turning back, I was already wearing my t-shirt and shorts and in line to become a new creation, and I could not have felt any less joyful, more self-aware and stressed out.

I had always imagined myself being covered in that cleansing sin water, and suddenly my life would take a dramatic change, I would feel God as close as Adam and Eve did. I would finally belong, and would never walk away from God.

And then it happened, I was dipped in a small pool, and people cheered and congratulated me, and yes it was overwhelming, but I felt the same. I cannot express how disappointed I was, people were hugging me and even though I was crying, I was more unnerved than happy.

I was more concerned about the way the clothes fit me, then about the promise I had just made, and this made me feel terrible and unworthy. Yet another expectation that resulted in a big pile of frustration.

The following week, I did not seek God, I was ashamed of my true feelings, and given that He can see my thoughts and through my heart even better than I can myself, I hid. I went to church today, and even there I felt disconnected. It’s 10:00 pm, and I decided to read day 15, and here is where I became perplexed.

The chapter talks about becoming a member of God’s family, and this can happen through our faith only. It talks about baptism and how it’s the way to express our union to God, our eternal family and display a public acceptance to the world.

Oh yes, baptism. I think it’s funny how God even used my procrastination for a greater good. I was supposed to read this chapter April 4th, way before my actual baptism, and yet I feel God saved this chapter for me, to comfort me.

What amazed me was how reluctant I had been to God, and how ashamed I felt about it, even after my public display of affection, and yet God just comforted me in the most sublime way possible. You see, now I do belong like I had always longed for, I finally have a place, and the biggest reassurance is that regardless of my sin, my reluctance to give up control, my resistance and my lack of faith, God loves me and He uses the most ungodly situations to bring us back to Him.

I am happy to public state that I believe in Christ as my Savior, He is my Lord, and thanks to Him I have gained the acceptance that I have always wanted and so desperately searched in this world. And not only that, but as I baptized I became a member of the great and awesome spiritual family and have gained many brothers and sisters in Christ, and for that, I am always grateful.

I hope this personal experience can help you through hard times and can give you peace to know that no matter what you are going through God will deliver you, and He will even use your sin to reach you and that my friends and family are the amazing perks of being a Christian!”

We are so grateful for Isabel’s contribution to this blog and we are so happy that she shared her thoughts with us.

Just like Isabel, you and I are also chosen and are part of God’s beautiful family. Regardless of how we feel sometimes, the truth is that God does love us no matter what and He will always accept us, sin and all. No matter how hard we try to push Him away He will remain in our heart forever and will bring us closer to Him through beautiful and mysterious ways.

“Whenever you feel unloved, unimportant or insecure, remember to whom you belong.”

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If you’de like to contribute to this blog as a guest-blogger send an e-mail to typerellamail@gmail.com and we’ll contact you as soon as possible! We are a community and you are more than welcomed to share your thoughts, experiences, and testimony. Our goal is to invite others to our Christ-seeking journey, so every contribution is received and appreciated!

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Desert Seasons in Life. Single? Unemployed? Alone?

The other day my very wise mother said to me: “desert seasons in life are often an opportunity for us to do something that we didn’t have time to do before or to do things that will prepare us for what comes next”. I kept thinking about this over and over again…she was right.

Desert seasons can manifest through different aspects of life, let me explain three common deserts that we may experience:

Love life desert:
Single? Divorced? Never been married? In a troubled relationship? Perhaps your desert comes from having an empty love life. Whatever your situation or your relationship status is, you may feel as if your love life is completely suspended. You may feel frustrated, lonely, desperate, sad, or heartbroken. A love life desert can be very hard to undergo, but it is definitely a time in which you can get to know yourself better and seek God to know Him better. Being single, or having an interrupted love life can actually serve as a blessing. Of course that we all want to love and be loved in return, but we often forget that to experience true love (the kind Corinthians talk about) we must also be ready. It doesn’t matter if you have always been single, if you are currently out of a relationship, if you are divorced or if you are happily or unhappily married, the truth is that you can use this time for your good. We are often overwhelmed with frustration and hopelessness when it comes to our unfulfilled expectations in our love life, and as we inactively wait for things to change, we allow our life to go on “standby”. That pause often lasts a long, long time, without anything positive or productive happening during that season. So, while you are waiting (and/or praying) for a future partner or a relationship to heal, use that time, that desert, that unoccupied aspect of your life to get busy, to be occupied in what truly will bring you peace and happiness: God. Maybe you are single for a reason, I’m sure your love life desert has a purpose. Use that time to get closer to God, seek Him and His Word. Use this “free-time” to grow as a person, to become the creation God meant you to be. Prepare yourself for a future/healthy relationship or work hard to be the best company for your current partner. So many lessons are hidden behind deserts, unlock the wisdom behind this experience, kneel before God humbly and trust in Him.

Professional life desert: 
Unemployed? Are you struggling to find a job? I can tell you this from experience: sometimes no matter how hard you try, how many CV’s you send, how many skills you have or how good you are at interviews, you simply won’t find a job. Why? I don’t really know. I can tell you that this desert is awful, simply horrible. Time passes by and you feel lost, afraid, you worry about the future, about money, you feel insufficient…it’s terrible. I am actually struggling with this as we speak. At first, I wasn’t really worried, I kept thinking that I would soon find a job, and there was no real desperation. I was patient. Then time flew away and fear stroke in. Self-doubt took over my mind. Why wouldn’t they want me? I stopped being patient and became desperate instead. My efforts were absolutely elevated. I enhanced my CV design, I looked for existent and non-existent job openings, I knocked on door after door and still, nothing happened. I don’t have a clue as to why. Days passed by, I found nothing, completely unemployed, and therefore, completely broke financially, mentally and emotionally. My days went by and I did nothing. I watched Netflix and I “pampered” myself with whatever I wanted because “poor me”, right?. I was lazy and non-productive until my mom came to my rescue and she told me I was experiencing a desert season. She said: “don’t wait until you have a job to have a purpose.” That’s when I decided to do things differently, I needed to prepare myself for my future job and to take advantage of my free time. I decided to use this unoccupied time to get busy and that’s what I want to encourage you to do. If you are unemployed, there are many things that you can do while you find a job. There are so many on-line courses about different subjects that can actually improve your CV or at least give you an interesting topic conversation. Read books, don’t underestimate the power of a good book and don’t take the time to sit and read for granted. Exercise! You have time to get in shape and go running. Start a new hobby: writing, cooking, music, photography. Clean your house, your room, your closet. Spend time with your family. Spend time with God, there is now no excuse; use this time to get closer to Him, study His Word, get lost in His presence. I do believe that above all, sometimes our deserts are a call from God to tell us: “hey, do you remember me? I’m here, come to me”. Sometimes we are too busy with work, with life in general that we forget about Him and maybe our desert is a reminder for us to seek Him. So while you wait and look for a job opportunity, use your time productively and most of all, use your time to be in God’s presence. “Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need” (Matthew 6:33). Fix your thoughts on Jesus and trust in His promises, timing, and provision. Unemployment is difficult but there is nothing impossible for God. Trust that you are probably at pause in this area because He wants to prepare you and to be near you. Be patient and perseverant, God is on your side, and you will overcome this obstacle with His help. You are probably experiencing this hiatus in your life because your heart needs to be re-focused, you need a mind reset and a renewal of your faith.

Social life desert. 
Maybe you feel totally alone or maybe you do not have any real friends. Your weekends may pass by without having any social plans or events. Perhaps Fridays mean to you a stay at home plan and not a going out type of night. You may be struggling socially, and I am here to try and give you hope. First of all, loneliness doesn’t always mean sadness, or it doesn’t have to. You may be without human company, but you still have yourself and God. What are you doing when you are alone? How do you treat yourself? Are you praying for new friends? Are you giving your social life to God? Knowing and loving yourself is as important as loving others. Maybe this specific desert is happening because you need to learn to be alone, you need to get to know yourself better. I think that one of the biggest fears of all human kind if the fear of being alone because after all, we are social beings, we don’t like loneliness, we fear it. But fortunately, we sometimes have to face it and it doesn’t have to be a horrible experience. Being alone can actually change your life in a positive way. Use this time to learn to love and respect yourself, to appreciate your own company. And once again, use this time to “hang out” with God. This is probably a test, but remember that God is faithful and He will provide what you need to overcome anything. Plus, keep in mind that loneliness and disconnection may be an invitation to deepen your relationship with God.

Difficult seasons in life are challenging, but if handed to God, they will bring a valuable life lesson. Whatever desert season you are experiencing, make the proper use of this time to truly grow. Desert is potential in disguise. A desert can lead you to a fulfilling life.

Everything that happens in our life does have a reason that we won’t always understand but we can always have a positive attitude towards it. Yes, you do need to take action to change your current situation, but sometimes no matter how hard you try, things won’t change and they don’t change because the one who needs to change is you. Exercise spiritually during your desert season, and you WILL witness a change. Allow God to transform your heart and trust God’s timing. Turn your desert into opportunity, and this certain “pause” will become a blessing. Try and see.

I pray that you allow God to use your desert for your good, to give it a beautiful purpose, to give you the energy and wisdom to face it positively.

God bless!


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Daily reminder: You are worthy.

Daily reminder: You are absolutely beautiful, you are definitely important and you are forever worthy. Don’t allow anyone or anything make you feel otherwise. Despite how you may feel, the truth is that you are wonderful.

¡Celebrate your uniqueness! Always remember, you are LOVED.

Be happy with who you are, stay confident and treat your mind, heart, and body with love.

Each morning when you look at yourself in the mirror say: I am beautiful.  important.  worthy. And go through the day believing those words for they are the truth.

daily reminder worthy

daily reminder worthy

daily reminder worthy

Embrace who you are, accept your flaws, honor your merits.

Also, embrace others, accept others and honor others.

Remember that you are your worst judge, you may be too self-aware and harsh on yourself…so from now on try to be kind and respectful.

I believe God wants us all to love ourselves and to love each other. That is why it’s so important to respect, honor and appreciate who we are and the people around us. If you are frustrated, insecure, feeling insufficient, undeserving or unqualified… just take a deep breath and try to acknowledge the fact that you are worthy of love, peace, and compassion.

You are valuable. You are chosen.

Today thank God for the blessings and gifts He has given you…thank Him for making you just the way you are. Thank Him for loving you unconditionally.

Just remember that YOU ARE ENOUGH. Always been & always will be.

Don’t forget to make others know that they are enough too.

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7 Bible Verses About Forgiveness

I’ve written about forgiveness and the way it sets us free on a previous post.

Our human condition makes asking for forgiveness a really hard job and forgiving, even harder.

Nonetheless, we are called to forgive those who hurt us and ask for forgiveness to the ones we’ve hurt. We are also called to ask God with repentance and a humble heart to forgive us. And the wonderful thing about faith is that God does, in fact, forgive with His unconditional love as He gifted us with grace. Our God is compassionate and He understands that we will sometimes fail, He is willing to clean our past and give us a second (third, fourth…) chance.

You may be feeling that something you’ve done is unforgivable, and you are ashamed to talk to God.

Perhaps you are having trouble forgiving someone who hurt you deeply.

Reading the passages below will help you understand forgiveness through biblical guidance. Study these passages, don’t just read them aloud. Absorb the information, meditate upon them and keep them close to your heart.

God’s Word is the source of wisdom, it provides answers and helps us grow spiritually.

If you are having trouble with your own sins and mistakes, or if you are struggling to forgive someone else, then start by reading this 10 Bible Verses on the subject. If you want to dig deeper don’t hesitate to open your Bible and study on your own. If you don’t have a Bible at home, you can read it online: Bible Gateway

I hope this verses will encourage you to truly practice forgiveness.

1) It’s all about compassion. 

“Get rid of all bitterness, rage, and anger, brawling and slander, along with every form of malice. Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you.”
(Ephesians 4:31-32)

2) God is faithful and He forgives us. 

“If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.”
(1 John 1:9)

3) Repentance and confession will wipe our sins. 

“Repent, then, and turn to God, so that your sins may be wiped out, that times of refreshing may come from the Lord,”
(Acts 3:19)

4) Our sin is great, His love is greater. 

“The Lord our God is merciful and forgiving, even though we have rebelled against him.”
(Daniel 9:9)

5) We must forgive over and over again. 

“Then Peter came to Jesus and asked, “Lord, how many times shall I forgive my brother when he sins against me? Up to seven times? “Jesus answered, “I tell you, not seven times, but seventy-seven times.”
(Matthew 18:21 -22)

6) If we forgive, we’ll be forgiven as well. 

“Do not judge, and you will not be judged. Do not condemn, and you will not be condemned. Forgive,
and you will be forgiven.”

(Luke 6:37)

7) We all sin, therefore we should all forgive as God forgave us. 

“When they kept on questioning him, he straightened up and said to them, “Let anyone of you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her.”
(John 8:7)

I truly believe that God blesses us when we are strong enough to forgive others and He will give us the courage/power to forgive those that truly broke us. I also believe that if we come before Him with repentance God forgives us no matter what as we allow Him to change our heart.


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Free Phone Wallpaper!

Truly I love to personalize my mobile phone and I often go to Pinterest and download images on Bible Verses or Godly-quotes.

If you are a bit like me, you use your phone for just about everything. So I really love having a constant reminder (e.g Bible Verse or short inspirational quote) on a device I use frequently.

I decided I would create some to share with you guys!

Every wallpaper was created by me, using pictures I’ve taken editing them in Photoshop in order to respect copyright policies.

The wallpapers are created in different sizes to adapt to the type of iPhone you have.

I hope you enjoy them! Feel free to download as many as you want and to share them with friends and family!

This is how my phone looks like now:

free phone wallpaper

So here are the instructions to download the different wallpapers below:

  1. Choose the wallpaper you like the most. For each wallpaper there is a list of different iPhones, just to give you an idea of what the image size (resolution, dimension) of the wallpaper is.

  2. Click on the type of Phone that you have (e.g iPhone 7 Plus).

  3. A new tab is going to open

  4. Right Click

  5. Choose  “Save Image As…”

  6. Download to computer or other devices.

His Way


free phone wallpapera


free phone wallpaper


free phone wallpaper

Let God

free phone wallpaper

Be Still

free phone wallpaper


free phone wallpaper


free phone wallpaper

God bless!



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Water Baptism Significance: My experience.

I decided to write about the significance of water baptism in order to help you understand it on a deeper level as I share my experience with you guys.

If you’ve never been baptized, or are about to, you probably have lots of questions regarding this subject. I know I did.

A few weeks ago, my Church announced that baptisms would be held April 16. As soon as I heard the announcement, I was determined to be baptized. I’ve been a believer by choice my whole life, and I was baptized when I was a very little girl but I don’t even remember. Therefore, I knew I had to be baptized consciously. I had a basic idea about the concept, I’ve heard about it several times, my parents were baptized, my Church spoke about it and I had read it in the Bible. However, I still had doubts and questions.

Nonetheless, I decided I’d go for it anyway, I wanted to, wholeheartedly.

So I want to share what my experience in the hopes that you’ll be encouraged to follow in the footsteps of Jesus.

I was told to be at Church on Sunday, 2 hours earlier than the first service. Honestly, I was very nervous. I didn’t know what to expect or what to feel, but I knew that my decision was made.

The moments before. 

I arrived at Church at 9:30 AM with my sister and a friend. We attended a brief lecture on the subject. They told us what we needed to know, what the Bible says about baptism, what it truly meant. They gave us a T-Shirt (which I love) that says: “I decided to follow Jesus”.

water baptism significance experience

After the lecture, we attended the regular Sunday service. First, we worshiped and then we listen to the pastor’s talk. This Sunday, we had a special guest, Coalo Zamorano. His sermon was so inspirational! It was about God’s timing, hope, patience, and trust. I was so moved by his words!

water baptism significance experience
Sunday service

After the service, the ones who decided to get baptized were asked to leave the auditorium before everyone else did. We were taken to the lobby.

Enter goosebumps.

The pool was ready, there was music, cameras, a whole set prepared. People were waiting for us, cheering, applauding…it was amazing.

water baptism significance experience
The pool at the lobby.

Baptism is actually a very quick process. I was the fourth person to enter the pool and the people ahead of me were baptized very fast.

This is what happens. 

You go inside the pool, and (in my case) two pastors were expecting me. They asked me the following questions:

  1. Are you here voluntarily? To which I responded “Yes”.

  2. Do you believe and accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior? To which I responded “Yes”.

Then they asked me to repeat a declaration about accepting, believing, and trusting Jesus.

The pastors that baptized me prayed for me. It was the best prayer ever. They told me I was part of God’s family, a daughter of the living King, they prayed for my life beautifully. I was shivering. I obviously cried. (Truth is, I cried even before I was in the water because the feeling was overwhelming, unexplainable).

After the prayer, they asked me to get down on my knees, and then they baptized me as I was immersed in the water.


I hugged and thank them and then I went to the bathroom, changed unto dry cloth and left with a happy heart.

People I didn’t even know came to me and congratulate me as they said: “It’s the best decision you’ll ever make.” And hugged me afterward.

I can’t explain how wonderful it felt. The whole experience was remarkable.

water baptism significance experience
Me and my sister after our baptism.

What you need to understand about baptism. 

Baptism is a public confession and declaration that you are a follower of Jesus, you love, trust and believe in Him.

It resembles Christ’s death and resurrection. It is a symbol. As we enter the water, our old sinful nature dies and as we emerge out of the water we are born again (resurrected, new creation).

Baptism is equal to a BRAND NEW LIFE.

Jesus Himself was baptized.

This is what the people at Church explained at the lecture:

  • Origin: the word “baptism” comes from the Greek and means: to immerse.

  • In other words, it means to be “washed”.

  • It is an act of faith.

  • When you are baptized, you are being obedient. Jesus commands His disciples to baptize people of all nations in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Matthew 28:19-20

  • You recognize your faith and beliefs.

  • You are cleansed. Born again. A new creation. (Washed your sins)

When you get baptized you also recognize that:

  • You need God.

  • Forgiveness and renewal are only acquired through Christ.

You also make the decision to:

  • Surrender. Place your life in the hands of God.

  • Become part of God’s family as God’s daughter or son.

  • Live a life as God’s daughter or son.

Who can be baptized?

Those who:

  1. Accept and believe in Jesus as the Son of God and Saviour.

  2. Recognize He gave His life for us, died and resurrected.

  3. Believe in God Father, Son, and Spirit.

When to be baptized?

Whenever you accept Jesus and are ready to commit to your belief.

Bible Verses about Baptism:

If you have any questions, comments or doubts regarding the subject, please feel free to comment!

I hope you feel encouraged to be baptized. It is indeed the best decision I’ve ever made in my entire life. I am so happy about my choice, I feel so much joy, peace, and hope! Trusting, loving, and accepting Jesus is the best part of my life by far. My baptism was the first step out of a whole journey. It is the beginning of a new life, more committed and focused on God that comes from the sense of gratitude and love I feel towards Him. Probably my euphoria will fade away as time passes, my feelings may come and go but Jesus remains the same forever and knowing that is enough for me.

Have you been baptized? Share your experience!

God bless!

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Retinal Detachment Testimony

A few years ago, I didn’t even knew what the retina was and let alone that it could detach. The 31st of March, 2015 I went to my ophthalmologist to be examined, as I regularly did. It was a normal checkup and I didn’t expect anything wrong to happen, although I had been experiencing unusual symptoms.

Retinal Detachment Testimony

A month before my consultation, I had been seeing figures (such as spider webs) in my left eye; at times I lost half of the vision in the eye as something seemed to cover my sight.

I was notified with a diagnosis: rhegmatogenous retinal detachment. The first thing I thought was: “Wait, what?  What is that? Why?.” I remember my heart beating so fast, I was really confused and deeply scared. Seriously, the doctor kept talking and I stopped listening. Then as a self-defense mechanism, I thought to myself: “Don’t worry, maybe this has an immediate remedy or it can be dealt with treatment.”  Unfortunately, I was mistaken. This wasn’t an “easy fix” case.

Then seven words came out of the doctor’s mouth and they changed my life: “you need surgery as soon as possible.” 

Me? Surgery? Uh, I don’t think so…

The doctor explained the possible causes of retinal detachment, the surgical procedure, the risks, eye-function, and many more medical (scary) stuff.

I cried. I cried at the doctor’s office. I was just so scared. Many of you may believe that my reaction was over-exaggerated and maybe it was, but at that moment fear and anxiety were my only companions.

This was hard for me because I never used to get sick frequently. In fact, whenever I did get sick, I went for natural remedies to combat the diseases, wheater stomach ache, or flu, or headaches. I always thought of myself as a healthy young girl and never (and I mean never) thought for a moment that I would undergo surgery, let alone, EYE surgery.

Surgery was something very scary to me (it still is nowadays). Nothing bad had happened (health-related) in my life, and now I had to assimilate the fact that I could either lose my sight or eye.

I was in complete denial. That night, I talked with my mom and sisters. I even remember telling them I refused to have that surgery. I know it seems like an over-reaction but I was desperate and frustrated. They soothed me as they talked to me and they gave me their full support. As I cried, they were there to tell me that everything was going to be okay.

Retinal Detachment Testimony

On Wednesday, April 1st, I went for my blood test and then I set out to the clinic. I met the anesthesiologist, who (thankfully) was very kind to me, and so were the nurses. I went under anesthesia and I lost consciousness. Next thing, I open my right eye, had a patch on the left one and a nurse was speaking to me saying everything went fine. I’m never going to forget that feeling of not knowing where you are, what happened, how much time passed…bizarre, very bizarre.

The procedure was very fast, it lasted about 2 hours. I was quickly on my way home with my family. I don’t remember much of what happened that day since I was still under the effects. Before I went to sleep, I spoke to my doctor over the phone and he was very kind.

Retinal Detachment Testimony


The hard part came after. 

As I understand, there are several options to address a retinal detachment. In my case, a gas was inserted into my eye so the retina would stick again. Because of that, I had to stay about two weeks with my head facing down. The position assigned for my diagnosis was the most difficult thing I had to do. Two weeks went by without lifting my head up. The body pain was UNBEARABLE. My bones hurt, I experienced horrible headaches, I felt overtired, simply exhausted. In fact, I think my neck hurt much more than my eye during my recovery.

I feel so bad for my doctor, I wrote and called him many (many) times a day, frightened by what I saw or felt. Fortunately, as time passed by, everything seemed to be going back to normal and the retina seemed to be in place. I never really felt “pain” in the eye, there was discomfort, itching, blurred vision, strange sensations, flashes. I had the feeling of having trash in the eye due to the sutures. My eye was bloated, red, filled with gas (that looked like a bubble). I was mostly afraid that I wouldn’t gain my vision back.

Retinal Detachment Testimony

Doctor visits were regular during those months. He had to confirm that the retina was in place and attached, otherwise, he would have to do the surgery all over again. Despite the fear, I tried to maintain a positive attitude during those uncertain days. I had to affirm myself over and over again: “I won’t detach again.”

Thankfully, I was really blessed by God. Months and years later, my retina is in place.

Being in an operating room, losing consciousness, needles, blood, disease…these were my worst fears before my retinal detachment. Fortunately, I faced those fears (all at once) and I overcame them. I used to think that I wasn’t strong enough to face many of those fears, but thanks to this experience, I understood and accepted that with the help of God and support from family, I can conquer fears and get through tough situations.

Yes, it was an ugly experience. Those months were filled with complete uncertainty, doubt, anxiety. Between medicines and pain, you don’t feel like yourself. Health is so important. I looked at my eye post-surgery and it seemed so different, red, bloated. My eye had been manipulated, operated, and it was a very strange sensation, still is. Thankfully, time is on our side and as time passes by, you feel like yourself again.

Retinal Detachment Testimony

It took three months to be completely sure that the retina was okay. Three months until I could return to my normal life and activities. I had to quiet my thoughts and worries and I learned to remain positive to ensure a complete recovery.

Recovery isn’t just about returning to a healthy physical state, but also a healthy state of mind. It’s about “recovering” yourself as a whole, spiritually and mentality. The hardest part of my experience was to feel at peace again, without fear. The sutures were removed, the eye returned to its normal appearance and so far, two and a half years later it seems to be healthy.

I thank my doctor for his great work, unlimited patience, and kindness. I thank my family for their unconditional support, it was very difficult for them also and somehow their strength made me stronger, their positiveness gave me hope, their love made me feel secure and confident.

Mostly, I thank God. I thank Him because everything went well. He was there with me from the very beginning up until now. His presence fulfilled my heart in ways I can’t put into words. I believe this experience was a blessing in disguise…it was a lesson. At the end of the day, the whole experience strengthened me as a person and I am truly grateful for that. It brought me closer to God, closer to my family and it made me realize that I have more strength than I thought.

Despite the frustration, the anxiety, the fear, the pain and desperation, I found that tears do find a way to heaven and that prayers are answered. I learned that no matter how awful the situation is, you can do all things through Christ.

I still remember those days, the feelings, the sensations, the thoughts. I won’t ever forget how I felt during those months. I still don’t know the answer as to “why it happened” but I am no longer waiting for a reply. It changed me in many ways and in many ways, it worked out for good. I still experience fear related to unhealthy eyes, and surgeries, and diseases…but then I look back to my own experience, and I look at people who have suffered way worst situations, and I see that they and I have something in common: we can overcome anything that comes our way, with God by our side.

And here I am, with a full recovered eye. Healthy. Happy. Grateful.

Life is that way, you know? The harder it gets, the more lessons it brings.

Retinal Detachment Testimony

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Conversation with God.

A simple and yet, heart to heart conversation with God.

Here’s how I think God would reply to some of our questions:

Why didn’t he love me?
He wasn’t right for you.
And how can I get over him?
Trust me, you’ll find someone new.

Who am I supposed to be?
Use what I have given you, gift and light.
And how can I act with this?
Have faith and you’ll shine bright

Why don’t I have money?
But you do have all you need…
But I feel that something’s missing.
Then the Bible, you should read.

Why do I get so upset?
Cause you keep repeating patterns.
And why do I keep doing that?
You focus on the things that don’t really matter.

Why do I feel lonely?
Because your eyes are blind, I’m here next to you and all the humankind.

Why do I feel empty?
Because you forget about me.
How can I overcome this?
Talking to me is the key.

Where do I belong?
Next to me, forever.
Do you forget about me?

How will I overcome trials?
Tears will turn to smiles.
How can I let go of pain?
Forgive and forgive again.

Why am I here?
You have a mission to achieve.
And how am I supposed to start?
You can start with “I believe.”

Why does fear empower me?
There’s no real faith inside your heart.
And what do I do when life gets so hard?
My Word says to not fear the dark.

Why am I unhealthy?
Well, I think you don’t truly believe.
In what, dear God?
That you’ve been released from any disease.

Will you always love me?
That shouldn’t be a question.
Then what should it be?
It is a declaration.

God, what do you expect from me?
That you reach to your Father.
And then will I be okay?
You will. And don’t forget to pray.

Why do you want me to believe?
Because I want to give you my love.
And what happens if I don’t believe?
Then my blessings will be harder to receive.

Why do I experience feelings?
Because you have a soul.
And how can I control them?
You’re made of power, love, and self-control.

Why do I feel unworthy? So flawed, unimportant and weak.
You don’t see yourself as I see you, beautiful, valuable, unique.

Can you truly break every chain?
And I can also take away the pain…
Can you truly make me a new creation?
I gave you a gift, I gave you salvation.

God, how can you love me as flawed as I am? You’ve been here from my first to last days…
Your ways are not my ways…I will love you always.

Hope you enjoy it! How do you think God will answer your questions? Share your thoughts!
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God bless!


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Devotional: Changing our character

How can we be more like Jesus, act like He did, love our neighbors (including our enemies) and trust God completely?

How can we develop a good (God-centered) character?

First of all, we need to allow God to change us. We need to be willing to renew our heart completely.

Change is achieved through prayer and it is sustained by action.

We all know that we should act wisely, be faithful, strong, humble, forgiving, courageous, at the service of others, with a happy heart, and patient (just to say a few).

But how can we be all of those things and have all of those traits? How can we be good and gentle?

There are three key concepts we truly need to understand in order for us to be transformed:

1. God gifted us with a wonderful spirit. (2 Timothy 1:7)

2. We are able to walk away from any temptation. (1 Corinthians 10:13)  

3. Whatever we lack we can find and gain in the Lord. (James 1:5)

If we have a Spirit of power, and we are strong enough in Christ to resist temptation, and if God will provide whatever we need then changing our character is not as difficult as it may seem. God has our back, He is ready to help in our renewal.

1. Make the decision.

Surrender. Whenever you decide to follow God you are deciding to let Him in. God knows you better than you know yourself. He knows your potential, your flaws, and your qualities; He knows everything about you. Therefore, He knows that as a human you are prone to making mistakes and you are likely to be governed by flesh and earthly patterns. Nonetheless, because He is a loving God, He has given you a second chance, an opportunity to be a new person in Christ. From this moment on, it is not about you precisely, nor is it about who you were; it’s about Him and how much you let Him in to help you become who you are meant to be through Him. Your job is to ask God to guide you, to keep your character aligned to His Word. It is all about you asking for the traits that will honor and please Him. Pray, prayer is powerful. Prayer is the first step. Allow yourself to surrender and ask God to make you more like Him and less like you. Asking God to help us direct our every thought back to His Word will allow us to speak and act the way He wants us to. Remember that having a Christ-like character is not only pleasing to God, but it is also a blessing for others, as well as it is for your own good.

2. Receive the gift.

Once you follow Christ then you receive the most precious gift of all. You are able to let go of your old ways (sinful nature). How good, great and faithful is our Lord that gave us the chance to be renewed and transformed through Jesus Christ (2 Corinthians 5:17). 

To keep yourself on track let the Holy Spirit in, let Him intercede for you and give you strength in your weakness. (Romans 8:26)

According to John 14:26 the Holy Spirit is our helper and He will teach us all that needs to be taught. Seek to have a character that will glorify God. Pursue and work hard on a Christ-like character.


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